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Here is the cover to my

I'm finally getting to finish the Space and Time story that Mike Paoloni and I were working on. Here is the test panel

Wow, it's almost time for the ECCC. It feels like just yesterday was just thinking about going. I started printing banners for Ronin Studios for the show too, so I've been really busy lately. I'm printing two banners for myself. One promoting my new sketchbook (hopefully it's finished by the time the show starts) and the other promoting several of the books I have coming out this year.

I'm just about finished with my second installment of Battling Yank (a short story going in Adam Zero) and then I'm on to the next project called, some of you might remember, Space and Time. That's right, two years after creating this cool story it's finally found a publisher. River Bird Studios and Boston Comics Round Table are publishing an anthology called Outbound. My story will be featured in issue 1 and 2. Mike Paoloni is going to write it and I'll just try to stay out of his way, since he's an accomplished writer. I'm doing the art and here is a sample panel.

I hope to see lots of people there and I'm sitting with both Ronin Studios and I have an artist Ally table C-08. Aaron Kuder, AKA DDG, is sharing a table with me. There will be a few other Ten Ton guys sharing tables right by mine and Khoi Pham should be close by too. This show is going to rock!
Please come by and say hi.


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Submitted on
March 19, 2009